Vineyard vision

The Rathfinny Estate in Sussex was founded in 2010 to produce
some of the world’s truly great sparkling wines. It is situated near Alfriston on the South Downs and has the perfect aspect, soil and climate profile for sparkling wine.

The intention is to have 160 hectares (400 acres) of vines planted
by 2020, eventually producing over a million bottles a year
of the finest wines.

The perfect location

These are the South Downs of Sussex, one of England’s exceptional
natural landscapes. Rathfinny occupies a south facing slope on a fold
of the South Downs just three miles from the sea.

Rathfinny’s climate and south-facing aspect make it probably the
most perfect spot in a region that is already producing the best English
wines – and is of increasing interest to French and other traditional
sparkling winemakers.

The perfect soil

Rathfinny lies on the same band of chalk that forms the Paris
Basin, running from Northern France into Southern England
and then out under the Atlantic.

The Cretaceous geological phenomenon is the result of aeons of the chalky deposits left by marine organisms over 100 million years ago, and then heaved upwards tectonically at the same time as the Alps to become part of the land.

For vines, the shallow but fertile, well drained chalky soil has an
ideal consistency and absorbency, while also providing crucial and
subtle reflectivity of the sun.

The perfect climate

Rathfinny lies within three miles of the English Channel, giving it a maritime climate that provides protection from late frosts. The vineyard is predominantly south-facing and, remarkably, is protected from the prevailing south westerlies by a natural land bank that runs along the southern edge of the Estate.

An exceptional sunshine record and moderate annual rainfall, combined with a low frost risk and free-draining, chalky soil, are ideal for producing grapes of outstanding quality.

A long and steady growing season will allow grapes to ripen and develop their flavours as well as their natural balance of acids and sugars.

The perfect vines

The finest vines have been sourced and planted at Rathfinny.

The varieties planted are predominantly Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier for sparkling wine. However, smaller blocks of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois and Riesling have been planted for both still and sparkling wine.

So far 64 hectares (160 acres) of vines have been planted and a further 8 hectares (20 acres) will be planted in 2015.

The perfect craft

The time honoured methods for making sparkling wine, developed over centuries in the Champagne region of France and elsewhere, are being adopted and refined for Rathfinny.

The different grape varietals are tended to by Cameron Roucher, a top viticulturist from New Zealand. They contribute freshness and elegance, fruitiness and aromas, body and structure to the wine.

Traditional winemaking processes are under the careful control of winemaker, Jonathan Médard. They involve assembling the different fermented juices, the characteristic fermentation in the bottle that produces the distinctive and alluring qualities of the sparkling wine, and the maturation over a number of years.

The Rathfinny Winery was completed in 2013